The Sandwhich Shoppe At Cook's - 570-674-3608

  • Call for our selection of soups, salads, & specials.
  • Open Monday through Friday 10-3.
  • Please see menu below.
  • 570-674-3608

Well, we can’t hide it anymore! If you’ve stopped by Cook’s Pharmacy recently, you surely didn’t miss the new sandwich shop we put at the front of the store. We’ve given it the inspired name of “The Sandwich Shoppe at Cook’s” — notice the fancy spelling of “shop.” Our takeout sandwich shop has about a dozen sandwiches on the menu, plus daily specials, soups, and salads to choose from. We use quality ingredients in our sandwiches, including the finest meats and authentic Amoroso bread (the kind of bread used in real Philly cheesesteak sandwiches).Here’s where the whole idea began. At the beginning of this year, my wife, Michelle, and I realized that the kids have been getting older. Michelle has been a stay-at-home mom for several years, but she had a career as a chef prior to that, and has been wanting to get back into the culinary world for a while.When she told me she wanted to open a sandwich shop, I admit I was a bit reluctant. It sounded like that would mean another business with rent, payroll, and a host of other new responsibilities. But my wife thought of a genius compromise: opening the store inside of Cook’s Pharmacy. It turned out to be the ideal solution, so we hired an architect and started construction at the beginning of June. Building the shop required a pretty hefty renovation, but it only took a few months, and the results speak for themselves! It’s been just over a month since we opened the shop, and we’re getting great reviews. The shop seems to have universal appeal. Older people appreciate it as a kind of throwback to the days of lunch counters in pharmacies, while young students like to stop by and grab a quick, affordable meal. We have even reached out to other businesses, sending them samples so they know they have a new option for lunch! In many cases, we’ve gotten an order from a business the next day after sending them a sample. The cool thing about our shop is that my wife is putting her culinary knowledge to the test. She creates the menu, makes the food, and runs the shop. An employee of ours who used to be part time has moved over to the shop to help Michelle full time, and we’re starting to train another employee — so the shop is already growing! Currently, the hours are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. We may open on the weekends in the future, but we aren’t there just yet. For now, if you like the idea of a fresh, gourmet sandwich, I invite you to stop by the Sandwich Shoppe at Cook’s and see what we’re cooking! – Frank Lombardo


The Sandwich Shoppe is proud to serve Murazzi Meats-made locally! Looking for a happy ending? Ask about our Sweets.